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South Ceredigion Energy Local is a pilot study of 2 Energy Local clubs which will cover 1. Central Cardigan and Y Ferwig/Llechryd areas; 2. Cardigan surrounding area and towards Llangrannog.  The project is run by the a co-operative organisation set up to advance community development through the regeneration of Cardigan and the surrounding area – the Society to Sustain and Support the Rural Countryside.

Energy Local (EL) provides a mechanism whereby local householders/SME’s (users) can use locally generated energy (generators) from renewable technology sources. 


Both users and generators form an EL cooperative and benefit from agreeing a local energy tariff – for when local power is being produced. The benefits of the pilot project are:

  • Members can potentially save from 19% up to 30% on their energy bills
  • Members benefits such as cohesive and resilient communities, security of supply
  • Local tariff retains higher income in the local economy
  • Higher generating tariffs help address the current economic barriers to renewable technology generation.
  • More efficient management of local grids for Ceredigion. Electrification of transport and heating (in response to climate change) is increasing demand for electricity, and the current grid system will not cope. ’Lopping’ peak demand helps.
  • Searching for other ways of integrating generators’ supply with local demand e.g. mix of renewable technologies solar/wind/biomass/hydro and storage options.


Once the pilot activities are completed, two case studies from both Energy Local clubs shall be created to analyse whether the pilot has been a success for creating a permanent Energy Local club.


This project has received funding through the Welsh Government Rural Communities – Rural Development Programme 2014-2020, which is funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and the Welsh Government.