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Gorwel a Gwreiddiau (Horizons and Roots) is a project by Cered and Theatr Felinfach which was developed off the back of Creu 2020 which was to create a performance project to contribute to the excitement of the Ceredigion 2020 National Eisteddfod.

Due to Covid-19 the Eisteddfod and Creu 2020 activities had to come to a halt, therefore, Cered and The Theatr adapted their work and developed platforms and digital presence which has kept, increased and discussed the desire to start planning the future in the light of the new era that is on the horizon. It was these discussions that began as Creu 2020 that led to the community creation project and the ambition of Horizon and Origins.

Gorwel a Gwreiddiau will bring together people of all ages and backgrounds in a series of projects that will recognise heritage and explore current influences and attitudes to unlock the potential of the future. The project has been broken down into 3 parts.

Part 1

The project will employ a Creative Leader to find, create and co-ordinate networks and contacts in order to organise, collate and support local conversations, memoirs and stories of experiences based on three themes: Skills, Life and Work. Following this part, the Creative Leader and members of the community will create a digital resource possibly in the form of digital question and answer chats.

Part 2

The Creative Leader will identify a small group of people from all areas of the county to visit 3 iconic buildings; Old College, Cardigan Castle and Llanio Dairy Factory and to record on film their reactions to the buildings. The project will also link the young people with local enterprising individuals creating "Enterprise Immersions" based on sharing entrepreneurial and inspirational experiences. The work will give young people the opportunity to recognise the potential of their future and act on that potential. As part of the work there will be an opportunity to develop digital skills to create creative pieces, for example film, photographs, audio clips or podcasts that respond honestly to the experiences. 

Part 3

The final part of the project will be where the writer and community group discuss and develop a script that will use the digital material, memories and responses collected and created during the previous 2 stages with the aim of creating a multimedia performance to be staged in 3 locations in the county. These shall be accessible performances, where an audience can attend but also a digital version of the performances shall be created for livestreaming along with the production of a DVD.


This project has received funding through the Welsh Government Rural Communities – Rural Development Programme 2014-2020, which is funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and the Welsh Government.