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The Covid-19 pandemic had an impact on our capability and our desire to assemble. With old meeting practices being abolished, people were isolated and everything that held our communities together was out of touch.

Dod Ynghyd (Coming Together), was a cooperation project by Radio Beca between Ceredigion, Carmarthenshire & Pembrokeshire with the aim of motivating and enabling the neighbourhoods of the counties to create their own programmes and broadcast them worldwide, with the support of Radio Beca.

In Ceredigion the project employed a Motivator/Trainer, in line with the Informal Teaching models on which the Radio Beca programmes are based, with a role of creating and working with groups to grow seeds of confidence, self-discovery and social ambition within the county.

As a part of the project activities, Coming Together guidelines were devised to help individuals or organisations who wants to bring people together to maintain some element of society and community spirit. The toolkit can help through supporting the organisation of annual programs, a festival, holding an event for your village or community and many other community events.

To view the guidelines click here.

The waves of broadcasting created by the Coming Together have not only been diverse and widespread but also revealing, to view the full report on the project activities and outcomes click here.