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Using the framework of the Dyfi Biosphere, the Mixed farming - histories and futures cooperation project between Powys, Ceredigion and Gwynedd, piloted the concept of a data service with ancillary information that encourages movement towards sustainable mixed agriculture and a more resilient local food production economy.

The aims of this LEADER and Ashley Family Foundation funded pilot project was to:

  • Demonstrate the feasibility and broader social, ecological and economic benefits of mixed agriculture.
  • Make a Welsh contribution to the global movement towards sustainable agriculture and more resilient local food production economies
  • Provide educators with local source material on the history of land-use and agriculture
  • Map out the opportunity areas for low intensity, nature friendly, arable cropping and communicating the ecosystem service benefits if these methods are followed.


The information gateway will be accessible through the Dyfi Biosphere website where historical information will be presented showing varied forms of agriculture that took place in the past within the Dyfi Biosphere.

Following the completion of the project, a report was created with the findings. To view the report click here.

To view the case study click here.

For further information on this project please click here.