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The community vision for the Uplands area is to focus on the natural unspoilt landscape to attract visitors to the area, utilising the outdoor activities and heritage sites

The purpose of the Upland Regeneration Feasibility Study by Pentir Pumlumon was to undertake a baseline study of the Uplands area, and to research and develop three action plans for culture and heritage, outdoor activities, and countryside and nature respectively. In addition the study considered the infrastructure available to visitors and local people; particularly in terms of transport links.

The overarching aim of the action plans is to increase visitor numbers, dwell time and spend in the Uplands. A number of issues that were identified through on going community consultations within the Pentir Pumlumon area. The issues raised fell under the following broad areas:

  • The area has a wealth of cultural and heritage to offer, but no clear guide to fully appreciate and understand the narrative linking the various sites
  • The area lacks activities/sporting opportunities, becoming more in demand from visitors. The study will explore why entrepreneurs are either missing the opportunity, or are deterred by regulations.
  • The development of the country life/nature opportunities with farms, woodlands, nature reserves and moorlands visits, could offer a unique experience.
  • The lack of public transport, both for the community and visitors has long been a concern. The study will identify the issues and offer solutions.


Project activities included:

  • desk-based review of available data and documents relating to tourism in the area
  • A survey, circulated by tourism stakeholders, to secure a better understanding of perceptions of the area amongst visitors and local residents.
  • 3 workshops to engage local residents, business owners and accommodation providers in the study process
  • 12 in depth interviews with stakeholders from across a variety of local organisations.
  • A mid-term report was produced and reviewed by the Pentir Pumlumon Board to feedback to the consultants on priorities for the remainder of the study
  • 2 workshops with the local community to gain feedback on a draft final report
  • Final report based on the findings of the study following consultations with Pentir Pumlumon Board and the local community


The project has provided the opportunity to engage and make individuals and the community aware of the many opportunities with tourists and the local community,provided Pentir Pumlumon with an action plan to boost the local economy and generate more visitors, and demonstrated the great potential of the Uplands to attract a range of visitors with diverse interests, to enjoy what it has to offer.

An action plan for the Uplands has been prepared, which builds on the baseline research and engagement activity. The action plan will focus on two key elements which are expanded within the report: increasing demand and building capacity.

As a result of the feasibility study Pentir Pumlumon put in an application to LEADER to fund a part time development officer to see through the actions set out in the report.  Funding for this role was approved and a Tourism Development Officer is now in place.

The study and its recommendations will have a direct contribution to the Welsh Language.  The development of all the action plans, in particular the Cultural/Heritage and the Country life/Nature will strongly contribute to the promotion of the Welsh Language.


This project has received funding through the Welsh Government Rural Communities – Rural Development Programme 2014-2020, which is funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and the Welsh Government.