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The Ceredigion and Powys cooperation project, Mid Wales Hydrogen Vision Needs Assessment & Action Plan, saw 200 stakeholders from the private, public and community sector met as part of early mid Wales Growth Deal development to discuss and share ideas. 

The most supported ambitions were Mid Wales becoming a zero carbon, zero waste region, with green hydrogen and circular economy principles.

Hydrogen is seen by many as a key part of the technological mix to meet these targets. Mid Wales has regional capability such as CAT and Riversimple among others. This project would provide a clear mandate to identify feasible and viable interventions leading to evidence based investments.

No other solutions have been tried at this stage this is felt to be the most prudent starting point to provide evidence on the viability before proceeding or exploring options further.  

This piece of work is truly innovative in its focus and the longer term evidence and benefits it could realise for mid Wales. The project will explore how investment in hydrogen can complement and support the delivery of the potential mid Wales Growth Deal, the mid Wales Energy Strategy and the PSB Carbon Positive Strategy.

Consultants will be expected to go beyond a traditional desktop study engaging with key stakeholders and undertaking in-depth work across the region to support the preparation of a Hydrogen Energy Opportunities Assessment, a Hydrogen Feasibility Study, and a detailed report outlining the findings with recommendations and a costed action plan. Outcomes to the project will provide a clear evidence base and mandate whilst answering the question “Can hydrogen become a commercially feasible reality in mid Wales” 

Through a 6 month detailed stakeholder driven commission, consultants will explore methods for encouraging and promoting rural development, in a commercially viable manner. Interventions will seek to respond to community need and identify interventions which create sustainable benefits such as increased supply chains, skill and job creation and decarbonisation through regional energy ownership.  

To view the outcomes report, click here.