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A village that boasts centuries of history from a Celtic ford to the Bica legend, an extraordinary Welsh coastal path and a renowned Urdd Centre, Llangrannog is a community full of potential. The Bica Byw project will maximise all that Llangrannog has to offer by engaging with the local community to pilot and develop new and exciting ideas.


The project aims to create a sustainable community for Llangrannog whilst maximising natural, historical and cultural assets and adding value to local identity.


The project activities include utilising opportunities for outdoor activities, undertaking community consultation to look at the future viability of Crannog chapel, holding digital workshops, a pilot study for a children’s digital game, mentoring for volunteers to increase capacity to develop social initiatives and strengthen their skills, ensuring the sustainability and continuation of local activity, workshops for organisations, societies and individuals to come together to create a single piece of artwork to celebrate the myths, history and Llangrannog of today and initiatives that provide better access to the natural environment and create a stronger and more interactive community.

A wide range of people will benefit from this project including; young people, older people, women, Welsh speakers, disabled people, farming households, small local businesses and the whole of Llangrannog community.

The project resulted in the publication of a feasibility study for Cranog Chapel, that will aid the Chapel Committee in taking the next steps to develop the chapel and the vestry, creating a workspace for the local community. An app was also developed as part of this project, adding value and creating digital interest in Llangrannog. The app has also helped to raise awareness of local historical figures, ensuring cultural sustainability. 

This project has received funding through the Welsh Government Rural Communities – Rural Development Programme 2014-2020, which is funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and the Welsh Government.