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The Cambrian Mountains Initiatives’ Community Resilience and Nature Park was a cooperation project between Carmarthenshire, Powys and Ceredigion.

The project appointed White Consultants, in conjunction with Craggatak Consulting, Charlie Falzon and RSK ADAS Ltd to undertake a feasibility study exploring the landscape status of the Cambrian Mountains.

The project aimed to:

  • Build and support the Cambrian Mountains as a destination by strengthening the Cambrian Mountains Tourism Network, developing integrated working patterns across the organisations with a tourism / destination remit in the Cambrian Mountains and building the Cambrian Mountains brand.
  • Work within local communities and with businesses to build the economy of the area that benefits from and supports the distinct cultural and high-nature value landscape of the Cambrian Mountains; forging and strengthening formal and informal networks of producers, businesses and communities across the Cambrian Mountains; promoting integrated working and brand-building / recognition.
  • Investigate with Cambrian Mountains communities the establishment of the area as a ‘Parc Natur’ or similar based on the French Parcs Naturels.


The proposal from the report was for the local communities to create a voluntary definition capable of evolving alongside the Welsh Valleys Regional Park initiative. To view the full report please click here.


Phase 2


The second phase of the Cambrian Mountains Initiatives’ Community Resilience and Nature Park cooperation project between Carmarthenshire, Powys and Ceredigion is based on the findings of the phase one feasibility study.

The aim of the second phase is to:

  • Undertake and promote opportunities based upon the landscape, nature, culture and heritage of the Cambrian Mountains to support community development and help to secure the special qualities of the area.
  • Explore the benefits and practicalities of a more formalised working structure for the area, aligned to that of the French Regional Nature Parks but fit for the Welsh context.



Cambrian Mountains promotional film


5 mini films: