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This is a project to assess the feasibility of creating a model of the development of renewable energy in the Aeron Valley and the surrounding area, that will contribute not only to the energy needs in an environmentally sustainable manner, but also contribute to the economic and social development of the area. The project will be led by Gweithgor Dyffryn Aeron, a cooperative community body founded several years ago to instigate a positive response to an emergency closure of the Dairygold and Aeron Valley Cheese (AVC) factories.



The activities will include:

Community consultation

• Understand which renewable energy technologies are favoured by locals, including the scale to which their use is acceptable.
• Discover the priorities for local people for micro economic development locally.

Consult stakeholders

• Find out which corporate and community stakeholders would be able to be part of the scheme as providers or property owners and who would be willing to discuss being part of the energy scheme.

Feasibility study – micro renewable energy schemes

Desk research study on the range of available technologies, with a focus on the technologies that are currently viable. Evaluation of potential technologies that exist, which can link with:

• The availability of natural resources
• Local public opinion
• Nature of local stakeholders who may participate

Study into the potential business structures

Desk research studies on the range of possible business structures by developing business / financial models to consult with participants and stakeholders to find the most effective structure in terms of the aims of the scheme.


‘Bringing Power to the People’ – 5-7pm, 27/09/17 – Theatr Felinfach (SA48 8AF).

If you think your local community could benefit from similar sustainable energy projects, then Cynnal y Cardi would like to hear your ideas.  For further information call 01545 572063.