Making Pine Marten nest boxes.
Making Pine Marten nest boxes.


The Coed y Bont Community Engagement Project will use 24.2 hectares of woodland for the benefit of the community. Here, local people can ‘have their say’ and get involved in activities to improve their environment. The project will help to ensure that the woodland continues to be a great place for people to enjoy wildlife, stay healthy and become more educated with regard to wildlife and conservation.

The project will:

• improve access to the woodland by developing existing paths and creating new ones
• assist in conserving and enhancing biodiversity
• use the woodland as an educational tool and to involve the community in wildlife by organising events open to the public
• involve the local community to improve the woodland and to assist in its management and maintenance

Project activities:

Nursery/primary school children can:
• work with a community artist to develop interpretation material
• learn all about the wildlife that might be found in Coed y Bont
• create wooden sculptures and designs of the wildlife for the picnic area, shelter and paths

Secondary school children can:
• learn about the recent release of Pine Martens into local forestry*
• assist in the construction of Pine Marten nest boxes

Community/volunteers can get involved and learn a range of new skills in:
• coppicing and glade creation
• path clearance
• general woodland maintenance
• path maintenance and drainage
• woodland shelter construction**

* The Vincent Pine Marten Trust will be giving talks on the relocation project.
** This shelter will provide a dry area for visitors to eat, meet and learn.Construction will be overseen by Natural Resources Wales.

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