Pen Dinas Hill Fort.
Pen Dinas Hill Fort. © Crown Copyright RCAHMW

An innovative ‘grass roots’ community led bilingual heritage and environment initiative, framed around the Pen Dinas hill fort / Local Nature Reserve site, exploring its heritage, culture and environment.

The project aims to:

• celebrate and highlight Pen Dinas as a site of immense historical value to the immediate community of Penparcau (a village near Aberystwyth) and wider area
• add value to local identity, using natural and cultural resources and digital technologies
• attract visitors to the site for tourism and education
• enhance and provide improved access to the local natural and built environment (better access to the Coastal Path and Ystwyth cycle-trail).

Project activities include:

• a feasibility study
• a ‘never been done before’ community geophysical survey of the site
• designing and developing signage and benches for the site
• creating a History & Heritage centre space at the proposed new Community Centre, focussing on the hill fort and the Village of Penparcau, including digital signage, ‘heritage stations’ and visitor/educational packs
• creating an easily available bilingual booklet on all survey findings
• scoping visits to other sites in Wales e.g. Caerau Community Hillfort project in Ely Cardiff, Heather & Hillforts project in Denbighshire and Castell Henllys in Pembrokeshire

What’s happened so far?

(An update from Penparcau Community Forum Ltd.)

Pendinas montage 2

“It’s time to get ready for another year of study on the hill fort known as Pen Dinas. So far in 2016 our community of researchers have been working hard to find out more about this ancient site. We’ve held sessions on understanding the hill forts in Ceredigion and Pen Dinas’ significance within those hill forts; we’ve looked at the details of archaeological finds on the site, handled ancient artifacts and dug into information about the first excavations on the site.

Pendinas monatgeWe’ve even had a research trip to Castell Henllys in Pembrokeshire to find out more about the way that other locations have developed their sites and to see how people from the Iron Age lived. This innovative project is developing skills and confidence in the community by enabling all to engage in research. By taking part in the project volunteers are able to contribute their skills, becoming a researcher on the project and in this way we are building expertise, knowledge and capacity in the community.

This year we hope to move on into other research areas, such as doing a geophysical survey, visiting other sites of interest and holding more community-based events.

Why not head over to Penparcau (nr Aberystwyth) and take a look at Pen Dinas for yourself, the site is open with public footpaths and forms part of a local nature reserve.”

IMG_7004What lies beneath…?

On the 5th and 6th of April, members of the local community of Penparcau were invited to watch a two-day geophysical survey being carried out on the Pen Dinas Hillfort. IMG_7008

An open day was held to celebrate the project and reveal the findings of the geophysical survey on Saturday, 29th April at Neuadd Goffa, Penparcau between 12.30pm and 3pm.

To learn more about the findings, click here.


Digital Past 2018 Heritage Evening 06 02 2018

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