Preparing a healthy meal in the Holiday Kitchen.
Preparing a healthy meal in the Holiday Kitchen.

The pilot project, ‘Cegin Prydiau Plant/Holiday Kitchen’ will support local families in Cardigan and surrounding area who do not have access to healthy and nutritional meals especially during school holidays.

The pilot project will:

• support families in the Cardigan and surrounding area
• develop parents’ confidence in the kitchen through participation in a weekly training programme
• enable parents and older children within the family to prepare meals in group settings at the holiday kitchen and empower parents to participate in the community initiative.

The training sessions will cover:

• basic cookery skills
• advice on how to produce healthy meals on a budget
• planning, smart shopping
• basic health messages and the link between childhood obesity and poverty
• food labelling, sugar levels in food, 5-a-day etc.

A local kitchen will be used to prepare healthy meals for families entitled to Free School Meals or low income families that may not be eligible for FSM entitlement as they are not on qualifying benefits.

The project will also pilot two workshops for 11-16 year olds in Healthy Cooking as many care for younger siblings during holidays and/or care for a disabled parent.

Parents with younger children and babies will be able to use the Jig-So registered crèche facilities, directly next door to the Pwllhai Kitchen.

The project will seek to work with the Cardigan Food Bank and Cardigan Allotments to encourage and support parents to grow vegetables.

Jig-So’s vision for the project is to ensure that no child goes hungry during the holidays and for families to have access to good food.

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