All wards within Ceredigion have been identified as eligible for support under the LEADER Programme.

Support can be provided for the following:

  • Project Development
  • Pilot Projects
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Facilitation
  • Training
  • Mentoring
  • Consultation

The LEADER programme only provides revenue support but essay writer service can be used to support items of equipment up to £10,000.

There is no definitive list of eligible expenditure. Details of project activity should be discussed with the LEADER team, who can provide guidance on eligibility of expenditure.

Activities supported under LEADER must also be linked to one of the five LEADER themes and specifically to one of the priorities set out in the Cynnal y Cardi’s Local Action Group’s strategy.

Refer to the following document for details of the Local Development Strategy and examples of potential LEADER activity.

Cynnal y Cardi LEADER Local Development Strategy Priorities

Financial support:

Up to 70% of eligible costs can be provided. 30% must be contributed in match funding. Match funding can be provided in the form of either cash or in kind contributions. In kind contributions are services, items or products affordable paper donated to the project by an individual or organisation where no cash transactions took place. All in kind contributions must relate to the delivery of the project or other LEADER activity.

For volunteer contributions contact the LEADER Team for the latest voluntary rates to be used in calculating the contributions.

Tel: 01545 572063