This is a project that came to be, through community members working together to provide and sustain a service that was being lost to the community and area.

Situated in the Memorial Hall at Tregaron, the members are working to provide a resource for the Community, by providing volunteers and facilities to support and empower individuals, groups and organisations in the Upland area of Tregaron and the Barcud area.

They have developed to be a company Limited by Guarantee, and the office is open three days a week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays, to provide assistance to people and groups throughout the area in a welcoming local setting.

Through Cynnal y Cardi funding, the Group are working to become a sustainable social enterprise, and have benefited from two fact finding visits during the duration of the project. In March, 2013, they went on a trip to North Wales, where they visited Antur Stiniog and Canolfan Busnes Botwnog initiatives.

During October the Whilen y Porthmyn volunteers visited the Myddfai Enterprise, and were given an explanation of how the Myddfai label works by Hugh, and how they secured funding to sustain the local hall, and create a business opportunity for local craft people and groups.

These two visits have empowered the volunteers at Whilen y Porthmyn ( Drover’s Wheel) to work to create an initiative that has secured funding post Cynnal y Cardi funding, as well as developed an excellent working relationship with other agencies, this was highlighted when they held the local organisations and agencies fair in Tregaron on the 28th of June.

The group have through the Cynnal y Cardi project’s support, had space to develop procedures and structures, that have given them a good working practice and routine, that will assist them in providing and maintaining a service locally for the future.

They were given a tour of Blaenau Ffestiniog as well as visiting a newly developed and very successful bicycle pump park.