Welcome to Rebecca radio building site. Rebecca is a new radio station is in the process of being built. The work takes time because different stations of the different form and content available on the station. It will not be a service being broadcast from a studio in a town or city . It will not be a service that will local in name only . Most importantly , it will not be a service that ignores our language and culture . The foundations for radio Rebecca is paramount – Welsh neighborhoods in digging foundations for Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion .

What will radio Rebecca be?
Rebecca will be a radio broadcast exclusively in Welsh from breakfast until tea time . Rebecca will be a radio broadcast programs in English for a couple of hours in the evening. Rebecca will be playing songs in Welsh not only during the day but also during the English programs . It will provide the opportunity for Poles and other cultural minorities who dwell among us to create programs in their own languages ​​in the evening too.
But what will be radio Rebecca be ? That’s up to us – the 150,000 and more of us who speak Welsh counties in the west – to answer. For there will not be a central studio that an elite group of broadcasters  will be sitting in. Rebecca is free for us to use as we please – all of us . The work station ‘s small staff will enable us to share our creativity – individuals and groups – our neighbors near and far : valleys to the east coasts of the markets and the Cardi. The aim is to empower the radio Beca audience so all current western neighborhoods ca Welsh speak animatedly with each other : creating animatedly with each other.