TregaRoc is a new group that was formed in August of this year by young individuals in the Tregaron area.  The idea with TregaRoc is to create a Welsh Singing Festival  that will take place in a variety of locations throughout Tregaron town and will start at the square in Tregaron.  Everyone will be encouraged to join in with the singing and enjoy.  There is no other similar event run in the area, therefore it will be an event that will appeal to all members of the public of all ages.  The aim of the project is to promote the Welsh language and to bring both locals and visitors together for an evening of music and socialising.  The working committee is also actively encouraging volunteers to take an active part in the project to ensure that the event is a success and hopefully make “TregaRoc” an annual event for the future.  The project will work with anyone and any organisation that is interested in supporting and helping the project, as well as their willingness to give of their time as volunteers – hopefully encompassing all within the community whether they be disadvantaged individuals , eg. Young people who are unemployed.  TregRoc will give young people the opportunity to be involved in the project, to work together and to build relationships with people of all ages.  The project through visiting various venues within the town will provide local businesses with visitors and publicity by staging the various artists and bands.  There is the hope here, that we will also be supporting the town’s economy , which will provide a platform for local businesses to promote the town’s culture.

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