On the 21st of July Ceredigion Museum and the residents of Llangeitho will be celebrating the 300th anniversary of the birth of Daniel Rowland, one of the founders of Welsh Methodism, at 2pm in Llangeitho Village Hall. There will be an opportunity to dress up in 18th century costume, learn 18th century dancing and have a go at “Ringing the Bull”.

Ceredigion Museum has been organising an exhibition concerning this powerful preacher which will be on permanent display at Llangeitho Church hall. Daniel Rowland held a strong bond with Llangeitho, living and working his entire life within a three mile radius of the village.

Andrea de Rome of Ceredigion Museum explains that “the exhibition concentrates on his life and sermons and is hoped to be a focal point for the many, from around the world, who visit Llangeitho every year to discover more about Daniel Rowland.”

Daniel Rowland was a provocative preacher whose sermons attracted thousands from all over Wales. His lively style often led to frenzied reactions amongst congregations, and his sermons frequently left the converted sobbing, dancing or leaping around. When Daniel Rowland was forced to leave the Church of England in 1763 his congregation left with him and built him a new chapel a short distance away.

Llangeitho is home to an impressive memorial statue built on the site of this original chapel. Mima Morse a resident of Llangeitho explains, “it is important that those who are new, who have settled in this country and see the memorial, see the name Daniel Rowland and the dates that they know who he is and they can say ,‘Yes we know what it is all about.’”

Carrie Canham, Curator of Ceredigion Museum service secured funding from Cynnal y Cardi for this and several other community projects. This has included a number of sound and visual pieces, which will be available online as part of the People’s Collection Wales. It also includes the opportunity for local children to work with the media production company Movix in creating their own work. These pieces can be enjoyed as part of a theatre production in conjunction with Theatre Felinfach in November.

Angharad Owen and Lisa-Marie Caruthers, who participated on the media project said, “It is important to known about your heritage.  It is good that the old people can talk to the young people and explain about the village and its history.”

The exhibition will be launched at the party in Llangeitho Village Hall on the 21st of July, 2 – 4pm, involving the best entertainment 18th century Wales had to offer.

Daniel Rowland

For further information on the Daniel Rowland Exhibition click on the following  –  http://www.ceredigionfaithtrail.com/en/profile.php?churchid=40