Ciosg Coch, Capel Dewi

Many communities see the Red Kiosk as a part of their local history and heritage and are very keen to see the kiosk remain in their current locations.

Ciosg Coch, Prengwyn

There have been almost 1,500 kiosks adopted in the UK since the BT’s ‘adopt a kiosk scheme’ started in 2009, giving Community Councils first refusal on purchase of the kiosk.

The adopt a kiosk programme was launched not only to offer communities the chance to change the use of their kiosk into something of use and worth, but ultimately bring the community together through the project.

Llandysul Community Council have purchased three Red Kiosks under the BT scheme and wish to see them turned into something that local people and visitors can benefit from.The Red Kiosks selected for adoption are in prominent positions in their localities, with two on private land.

Ciosg Coch, Tregroes

None of these localities have a shop or other public point where information can be obtained about the locality.