What a success! 

The Reunion of ex-residents and current residents of Derwen Gam for over 60 years old was held on Saturday, 17th September 2011 at 2pm in the Neuadd y Pentre with the kind permission of Mike, Jocelyn and Kevin Andrew. 

It was an opportunity for the ex-residents and current residents of Dderwen Gam, who are over 60 years old to get together to share memories of the village.  This would give the Dderwen Gam organisers the opportunities to collect information on the history of the village verbally, on paper and in electronic means.

At the end of 2010 beginning of 2011 Dderwen Gam organisers commenced on their task of collecting names and addresses of ex-residents and current residents in order to invite them to the reunion.
The invitations were sent out by Dderwen Gam organisers in April 2011 to over 100 ex-residents and current residents inviting them to the Reunion.

The Dderwen Gam organisers are(left) Jenny Higgins, Sarah O’Donovan, Jocelyn Andrew, Dafydd Tudur, Heledd and Arwyn Williams

Over 150 people attended the event and a marquee was hired for the day in order to display the artefacts.  Former residents came  to share and record stories and scan images and documents fôr development as a community archive and Resource.